Hi everyone! I have an update for you regarding yesterday’s story. Some of you might have noticed the handwriting looked a little familiar. A few months ago, I posted two stories back to back. They came from a couple who unknowingly wrote about each other and the incredible amount of love they were sharing.

Her story starts: “I’m meeting the boy I will marry half-way from where he lives and where I live. We made this decision, our “New York City” decision, two years ago in a bar of Hamburg’s red-light district. […]”

And his: “There is this girl. We met two years ago and since then, time has been amazing. Not easy, of course, different countries, different continents even. We finally managed to move to New York together and I know the wait is totally worth it. We are not married yet, but I know we will be. […]”

The stories were posted, and that was that… Until this week.

I checked my email and found this waiting in my inbox.

“Dear Brandon,

About 6 weeks ago, on a sunny afternoon at Washington Square, my girlfriend and I shared our story with the Strangers Project. It made us incredibly happy to be a small part of your amazing project and I wish you all the best for the future.

Since then things have been great! We are very much in love and I plan to surprise my girlfriend with a marriage proposal next Saturday.

Next Saturday, a series of love letters will take her all around New York City until we will meet at the final destination for the marriage proposal.

Would you possibly be willing to take a small role in the ‘love letter rally’?

Thank you so much for filling this great project with life. Just writing down my story on a single piece of paper helped me realize that getting married to my wonderful girlfriend would be the most amazing decision of my life.”

Of course, I had to say yes. We exchanged a few more emails, and we made a plan. We decided that he would write the final letter—the one leading her to the place where he would propose—and that it would be shared for her, and the world, to see. 

The story went up yesterday, the world cheered them on, and I’m happy to share that…


Congratulations, Daniel and Adriana, and best wishes for all of the new stories you’ll be creating together.

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Kelsey Combe

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