Ridiculous and unreasonable I am

“We can view the term ridiculous as an insult from the keeper of normal, a put-down from the person who seeks to maintain the status quo and avoid even the contemplation of failure.

Or we embrace ridiculous as the sign that maybe, just maybe, we’re being generous, daring, creative and silly. You know, remarkable.

Two more thoughts on this:

Ridiculous isn’t safe. If you do something ridiculous and you fail, people get to say, “you idiot, of course you failed, what you were doing was ridiculous.” Which is precisely why it’s so rare. Not because we unable to imagine being ridiculous, but because we’re afraid to be.

And second…

Don’t be ridiculous because it’s a clever marketing strategy. No, be ridiculous because while the effectiveness allows you to be, the real intent is to be generous or thrilling or to touch some stars. Because you can.”

source: Seth Godin

“A reasonable person just adapts to these ‘truths’ and works within the parameters that have been given to them. However, the unreasonable person does no such thing. Instead of accepting, they question and this defiance leads them to an insight that carries with it one of the keys to greatness.”

Source: The Importance of Being Unreasonable

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