Okie Dokie

This colleague of mine annoys the shit out of me with almost everything she says and does.

  • She questions everything – ignorant-sounding sometimes, bitchy and demanding most of the times. Annoying
  • This madam looks like she’s in her 50s but likes to occasionally  act cutesy through her voice and/or facial expression. Annoying
  • Her email signature is okie dokie, followed by her initials on the next line. ANNOYING

For those unimaginative creatures, I’m not gonna show you how it looks like on my Microsoft Outlook window. It’s too painful to even type it in here using the same format

Seriously. Who in the world wide world signs off email with okie dokie? What  does it effing mean? I don’t get it. I’m so helplessly clueless that I tried turning to Google for answers but to no avail.

No way my blood pressure can keep its zen if I start getting emails from her everyday

Stay away from me because

okie dokie


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