In all laziness

3 days of zero blogging – even Google XML whatever won’t notice that. Despite my all-time laziness, I brace myself and am typing away, because I’m a strong and committed being.

This overwhelming laziness is largely driven by the thought of having to join my friend in a 1/4 marathon this weekend. Dreading it like nobody’s business. What fun do they get from this endless running? And paying for a flight ticket merely to join the marathon – people are out of their tiny minds.

I don’t care what causes they are running for; it’s simply an irrationally commercial thing that people do as a group. I curse conformity and everything to do with the mass.

Pardon my violence. It’s PMS, I blame. There was a major outburst and many minor ones at home yesterday. Frustrated, I had multiple naps with my butt facing up.

blog photo 2


I need to get in that position again real soon.

Wanna run away from the rest of the world, as long as it’s less than the distance of a full marathon.

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