I got threatened into starting a blog.

“I won’t give you a reply about next year’s trip unless you start writing one”, said SP

But threats don’t really work on me

And plus, I’m not even new to blogging

2011 – started a sex blog on blogspot with my ex-housemate. It used to be #1 on Google Search. Now? It’s the 2,567,893rd search result on that same monster. The reason why we started this in the first place: Boredom

2013 – started a tumblr blog, which was meant for personal pleasure. Over 2,000 posts, and only 9 followers. As I said, personal pleasure. But you haven’t missed anything coz I’ve imported them into this blog you’re reading. The reason why I started in the first place: Boredom

2014 – starting a wordpress blog. Also over 2,000 posts, and zero follower. I promise to be more diligent and talk more in this new habitat and I have no doubt that there’ll be more than 9 followers in no time, because my words are gorgeous, just like my homepage image (it’s free for download). The reason why I’m starting this: Boredom

If you already know what my problem is, we can be best friends.

By the way, B.T.W. is simply an overview of my great blogging migration: blogspot – tumblr – wordpress

That’s how wayward I am. Hence wayward.ly


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