For no reason.

Or maybe there are reasons.

Earlier, I came across this in my feeds:


and this:



That’s all it takes to make me moody and emo. I’m not even in any type of pain, except for all the bloody body aches from workout. My rib cage is slowly falling apart and into pieces as I speak…. no, type.  And it’s one of those days I groaned as I removed my clothing going into shower.  Between emotional pain and this, you’d rather have hurting rib cage and inner thighs all year. But life always give you more than what you ask for –  that’s why you end up having both emotional and body pain. This is not a curse. This is reality, the present. Which is why we call it the gift of god (hereinafter “God” refers to gods of all religions). Politically correct. Too correct.

Now I see where the “You need to be more……sincere” comment during my year-end review is coming from. To be fair, this is quite an unconventional feedback. More than 98.4% of the global working population will never ever get this comment in their entire career lifespan.

I’m special.

I’m emo.

I want to sleep.

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