.com vs .org

I could have started writing again long ago, if not because of the pain of having to come up with a blog name and decide between .com and .org.

Yes, I didn’t have to find a host and shit but I’d look as if I’m a serious blogger if I had my own domain, advised SP.


So I finally came up with a name and within seconds, my second problem became non-existent.

.com was taken.

Mixed feelings I had. On one hand, I was relieved – one real life dilemma solved; on the other hand, I was annoyed – who in the world thought of the same name as I did.

Turns out, Programs for Troubled Teens owns it.


They specialize in Troubled Teens Programs, Christian Boarding Schools, Teen Help, Military Boot Camp and an array of other products and services.

Now you know.

I’m non-profit but I think we really should swap domain extension.

Totally unrelated, just wanted to share a quote from an interview I read today

(on the failures of people who are delusional about their prospects) “…I feel worse for the people who are not delusional. They just miscalculated. They tried.” – Glenn Fogel, Priceline Group’s Head of Worldwide Strategy, Planning and Corporate Development in an interview with Skift

Delusion is a survival mechanism. I stand by that.

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I got threatened into starting a blog.

“I won’t give you a reply about next year’s trip unless you start writing one”, said SP

But threats don’t really work on me

And plus, I’m not even new to blogging

2011 – started a sex blog on blogspot with my ex-housemate. It used to be #1 on Google Search. Now? It’s the 2,567,893rd search result on that same monster. The reason why we started this in the first place: Boredom

2013 – started a tumblr blog, which was meant for personal pleasure. Over 2,000 posts, and only 9 followers. As I said, personal pleasure. But you haven’t missed anything coz I’ve imported them into this blog you’re reading. The reason why I started in the first place: Boredom

2014 – starting a wordpress blog. Also over 2,000 posts, and zero follower. I promise to be more diligent and talk more in this new habitat and I have no doubt that there’ll be more than 9 followers in no time, because my words are gorgeous, just like my homepage image (it’s free for download). The reason why I’m starting this: Boredom

If you already know what my problem is, we can be best friends.

By the way, B.T.W. is simply an overview of my great blogging migration: blogspot – tumblr – wordpress

That’s how wayward I am. Hence wayward.ly


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