From the One Minute Introversion-Extraversion Personality Test:


You are an ambivert — your personality has a balance of extroversion and introversion.

What is an ambivert?

Ambiverts like you have some characteristics of extroverts and some of introverts.

Sometimes you’re outgoing and talkative while other times you prefer to be on your own.

Sometimes you like a relatively high degree of external stimulation, other times not.

So ambiverts have a nice balance of outgoing and inward-looking tendencies.

Places where extroverts thrive, such as parties, business meetings and large social gatherings can also be fun for you.

Similarly, times when introverts thrive, like in a reflective state of mind or in solitary activities, are also sometimes good for you.

Some researchers have even referred to the ‘ambivert advantage’.

Ambiverts have the tendency to be assertive and enthusiastic enough, but also to have the ability to listen carefully to others.


In short, ambiverts are beyond awesome.

Waywardly isĀ an ambivert.

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